Safety Window Film and Glass solutions

Offering a nationwide supply service of our full range of window film products to combat a wide rane of glass and glazing related issues.

Window Films are used to combat glass related issues and are a simple yet cost effect way to reduce excess heat and glare during summer months and low sun in winter. Use safety security films for enhanced protection, bomb blast film, window privacy film and frosted window films all available in a range of finishes and grades.

Safety Film - Buy now online

Safety Film from shop4 Window Film

BS6206 EN12600 clear safety protection window film - designed to maintain safety and protection by keeping shattered glass held in place in the frame. This window film also includes up to 99% UV reduction. Prices from £21p/m with discounts the more you buy.

Solar control - Buy now online

Safety Film from shop4 Window Film

There are reflective mirror films to reduce heat up to 78%, UV fading to 99% clear and mirror specialist uv films to guard against fading, frosted films for a modern privacy effect and more solid vinyls blackout and whiteout window films for complete privacy.

Privacy / One Way Window Films - Buy now online

Safety Film from shop4 Window Film

Want to reduce views and increase privacy with window film? An easy application of either Solar Film (20 Grades for one way vision) or Frosted Etches will provide you with partial or total privacy - see each window film for more detail.

Conservatory Too Hot? - Buy Heat Reduction Film now online

Safety Film from shop4 Window Film

During summer you may find your once comfortable conservatory heating up like an oven. Applying DIY Conservatory Solar window Films to your polycarbonate or glass roof will help reduce heat build up by up to 78% or more.